We Are Knowmads!

Our project started in Caracas, 6 years ago. Now, we're proud to say there's a piece of our work in each continent.

Our Team and our allies are located in many countries so we're a mix of multiple cultures around the globe. You can also be a part of this global movement!

Meet the Team

Dogma Marketing 020 (5)

Alejandro S. Basso

Founder & CEO

He just had an idea, now he's just trying to keep up with the rest!

Dogma Marketing 020 (6)

Korina Gascue

PR Manager

You can definitely believe in this smile. This is the Manager everyone likes

Dogma Marketing Alexandra Basso

Alexandra Basso

Chief Operating Officer

Oh... don't get the wrong idea with that smile, she will nag you if it's necessary

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Natalia Torrealba

Art Director

If you are looking for amazing images and beautiful designs, she's your choice

Natacha Letort

People Ops Manager

She takes care of all team members, just like a mom, but without the nagging

Dogma Marketing 020 (8)

Andreína Calderón

Social Media Manager

The first answer she gave in her interview was: I know nothing. Now we can't live without her.

Work with us!

If you want to be a part of this amazing team, send us an Email and tell us why you're awesome. We'll get back to you in no time!